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Love in French

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Love in French

Love Stories · Carcassonne, França

Love in french is a love story of Dominique & Sylvain. A couple made of french and canadian cultures and a lot of true love.

Getting married in France can be a beautiful and romantic experience. This lovely couple choosed to get married in Chateau Villarlong, Carcassonne - France - and was a great choice because it's a really special venue. The castlle of the Chateau and the amazing landscape views to the countryside, made a perfect combination for such a special celebration.

chateau villarlong, carcassonne
love in French

The first day of the wedding in France was "La Mairie" - civil ceremony - and they had a few friends and family with them to celebrate their first "oui". This celebrations was followed by a moment of party, drinks and a lot of talk in a terrace inside of the Carcassonne Castle.

wedding in france_Dominique & Sylvain

The second day of the wedding in France was a symbolic cerimony on the Chateau Villarlong, Carcassonne. Dominique and Sylvain got ready there and the cerimony happened close to the pool, with a scenic view, was amazing. They had family and friends sharing some speeches during the cerimony which was super emotional and personal.

Then, when the cerimony got over, everyone relaxed and celebrate the second "oui" of the married couple. It was the moment of Cocktail with food, drinks and a lot of dance with live music.

French wedding_D&S
French wedding_D&S

The dinner party was inside a tipi tent, on the Chateau's garden. Everything was so delicated and floral, so beautifully choosed. Was a really good dinner, with good food, speeches, dance a lot of emotion. The perfect ingredients to prepare the first dance and the rest of the party during the night.

Overall, a french wedding is a joyful and elegant celebration that emphasizes the importance of family & love. And we really loved to be part of those special days.

French wedding_tipi tent
decoration_french wedding
tipi tent at night_wedding in France
sky with stars_wedding in France


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