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Elopement in Dolomites

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Elopement in Dolomites

Love Stories · Edith & Diego, Italy

Last year in August, we had the privilege of capturing Edith and Diego's unforgettable elopement in the breathtaking Dolomites of Italy. Surrounded by majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and an atmosphere overflowing with joy, their love story unfolded in an idyllic setting.

Our adventure began overlooking the iconic Seceda mountain. As we ascended via cable car, anticipation for the celebration buzzed in the air. Dressed to impress and ready to embrace the mountain breeze, we arrived at a stunning vantage point.

Following the ascent, we ventured to a secluded meadow nestled amongst rolling hills and bursting with vibrant wildflowers. This serene haven provided the perfect backdrop for Edith and Diego's heartfelt vows. Tears of happiness mingled with the golden light of the setting sun as they sealed their love with a kiss, creating a truly magical moment.

dolomites bride

Although a traditional wedding celebration wasn't on the agenda, Edith and Diego weren't going to miss out on cherishing their love. We journeyed to the stunning Lake Garda, where the couple reveled in the breathtaking lake views and enjoyed romantic moments together. The elegant setting provided the perfect backdrop for their post-elopement bliss.

couple at lago di Garda
couple at lago di Garda 2
elopement at lago di garda
bride at lago di garda

Next, we ventured to Verona, the city of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Here, at a hotel steeped in romance, a celebratory atmosphere awaited. A sparkling champagne tower marked the occasion, filled with laughter, affection, and pure joy.

Edith and Diego were fortunate to have a dear friend by their side throughout the elopement journey. Hailing from Spain, this friend not only joined them from afar but also ensured every detail was impeccable. From flawless makeup and hairstyling for the bride to contributing to the overall joyous spirit, their presence truly added a special touch.

These unforgettable days were a beautiful blend of cultures, with three Spaniards and two Portuguese coming together in the heart of Italy. A testament to the power of shared experiences, this elopement not only marked the beginning of Edith and Diego's love story but also sparked a wonderful new friendship. The photographic and video memories captured these special moments, ensuring they would be cherished forever.

elopement in Verona

And the story doesn't end here! While a traditional wedding wasn't part of the initial plan, Edith and Diego knew they still craved a post-wedding celebration. So, the next day, they embraced the laid-back Italian dolce vita with a stroll through charming Verona, enjoying refreshing Aperol spritzers.

elopement in Verona
bride in Verona
groom in Verona
couple with style
wedding in verona
elopement in Verona
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