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Rustic Chic Wedding

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Rustic Chic Wedding

Love Stories · Monte do Ramalho, Portugal

This is one of the weddings that we think “we could marry just like that”. Joana and Pedro have choosen a venue where they can have all of their wedding moments. So they can live their moments and all emotions relaxed. Monte do Ramalho is a venue in the middle of nature, super charming and cosy. There are two different houses where the bride and groom could make their morning preparations with their family and friends. Even in the morning, the groom and their friends have some time to swim in the natural pool. Joana and Pedro organized everything with a lot of love to their special day. They invited their closest friends and family to share the most important day in their lives. They want to keep safe all the moments, so they call Grão-a-Grão, an amazing photographer team, and our team to record the day. The bride dress was made in Inês Pimentel Atelier, with a bohemian chic style. Really pretty.

This is one of the weddings that we think “we could marry just like that”

Joana is a Brand Manager in Montalva Group. Pedro works in their family company and have their own brand: Puranusa. They both love the beach and the ocean. This special couple conquer us with their kindness and relaxed vibe. Pedro proposed to Joana in Paris, close to Sena. And she said “yes”. Was such a romantic moment shared between them. But during the party, in their wedding day, everything was so amazing and special! The sky are full of stars and they have camping lights. Not bad could happen. And to make everything even better, a bride’s friend goes to the stage and sing a couple of beautiful songs. It was an incredible party with a lot of fun and everyone was so happy, dancing and smiling. Monte do Ramalho Rustic Chic Wedding it’s the perfect description to this beautiful wedding. It was a rustic venue with a chic decoration and details.


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