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Indian Wedding

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Indian Wedding

Love Stories · Stuti & Denis • Girona, Spain

We choosed the title "Color meets Black & White" for this love story. The reason was because we have a beautiful union of two really different cultures who join the most beautiful lovers and families to celebrate. A mix with colours from the indian wedding and the black & white from the ocidental culture.

The main personages of this story are Stuti & Denis and they are completely in love. It was amazing being part of their celebration and have the honor to record it. We love to be involved with the couple and the families and was really beautiful discover how different are the cultures but still so passionate and emotional.

They choosed to mix both of their influences and they choosed a venue in Girona - near Barcelona in Spain - called Castell D'Empordà.

Indian wedding. Stuti & Denis.
Indian wedding in Girona, Spain.

On the first day, they start with Haldi & Mehndi celebration. A moment full of emotion, colors and a lot of fun with all the textures and flavors. This ceremony was followed of a lot of dance and good time with all the guests enjoying the party and preparing the next celebration of the day: The Sangeet.

Sangeet was a celebration with so many dances and beautiful clothes. A lot of music, smiles and really good mood to celebrate the love of Stuti & Denis and the love of everyone for them too.

Indian wedding in Girona.

On the second day, the indian wedding happen. In a garden of the Castell D'Empordà, full of flowers and colors. Such a pretty environment! The ceremony had a lot of rituals and a it was very engaging.

And the last, but not the least, they complete the range of ceremonies with a symbolic ceremony, who represented the occident part of the couple (he is from Germany).

Wedding in Castell D'Empordà.

This ceremony had change of vows from the bride and the groom and was celebrated by a family friend. So, it was a really intimate moment.

Everyone change their clothes in each one of the four ceremony of the two days and each one had their personalized dress code. Was a really good experience and we are very happy for being part of that. Thank you Stuti & Denis for choosed us to make yoour wedding film. So much love!

Castell D'Empordà, Girona - Spain.


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