Edgar e Rita

Recording a wedding meaning save an history build in more then one day

The Native Birds — EST. 2016

Hi! We are Rita and Edgar. A full-time team and it makes everything easier. We live with Gaspar - the most crazy and cute dog who loves a good challenge.

Edgar likes to cook and Rita loves to keep up with all the new trends. Edgar is able to talk without breaking a sweat. For him, it’s a sport activity. Rita is not able to laugh without closing her eyes and that’s why her friendliness is her biggest asset.


We created that video, at home, during the pandemic time. The propose was to share some of our time for a project of 40 days, clips with 40 seconds and 40 diferent authors.



Several years ago, I found the pleasure of pairing the right image with the right sound. It is often in my mind that I like people: people who joke around, who travel, who like to eat, who like to talk, who like to stay on the couch watching a TV show, I even like people who look at trees and accept that nature has done a good job. It’s important for me to recognise that my work is often present on the stories of different people and that I have to keep them forever.

dclassic 2022-06-27 194343.681.JPG


The adventure of constantly meeting new people, families, places, culture, and stories attracts me. I’m able to spend hours just listening to someone or watching a moment unfold. Just appreciate, without interfering. That’s why I’m often best friends with the bride and groom’s grandparents. It’s a unique feeling that compensates for the tired feet and the sore back at the end of a day at a party.

Creating illustrations and keeping developing my designer side is a challenge that I intend on pursuing. At the end of the day, I think everything is interconnected and makes sense. I’m doing what I like the most with the person that I like the most.

We like to get the balance between a good audio and a good quality image. We know that gives a different trait to all our videos. However, we prefer to make it simple and not have too much equipment that can make us miss genuine and spontaneous moments.

The more aware we are of what is happening, the better the emotions of those around us and the moments of that day can guide us. People that matter, the embrace of the reencounter, the free unrestricted laugh as if no one was watching, and the dance movements like there was no tomorrow. This freedom felt by the guests is essential for us, that’s why we look for the necessary discretion. But we don’t say no to a few dance steps at the party.

We go everywhere, to any country.
That’s one of the challenging parts
that keep us thrilled.

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